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Henco multilayer pipes and plastic press fittings, are the most hygienic piping systems for water
and drinking water on the market. These are all manufactured in the heart of Europe, according to the strictest quality standards

Because we realise that water makes you live, only the best
materials are good enough. We take care of your water!

Henco vernetting

How do we achieve this?

Multilayer tubes consist of reinforced polyethylene or as we call it cross-linked polyethylene, an aluminium core and adhesives. To make polyethylene suitable for heating and sanitary applications, the polyethylene must first be cross-linked.

Cross-linking is the making of connections between the molecules of the polyethylene to obtain a reinforced structure. The reinforced joints make the pipes and plastic press fittings resistant to high pressure and high temperatures.
Henco cross-links pipes in a physical way: polyethylene is exposed to intense electron radiation, causing the molecules to cross-link with each other. 

After the tubes are cross-linked, they are PE-Xc tubes.

Other cross-linking methods

PE-Xa chemical cross-linking method involving the addition of peroxide
PE-Xb chemical cross-linking method involving the addition of silane
PE-Xc physical cross-linking by electrons

In the production of PE-Xa and PE-Xb, peroxide and silane, respectively, are added to the PE to achieve a reinforced structure. These are chemical cross-linking processes.

Unlike chemical cross-linking, PE-Xc does not need to be post-washed. There is also no risk of PE-Xc giving off an unpleasant odour when the tap is turned on. This is because the Henco tube comes out of the physical cross-linking process completely sterilised.

In short, the multilayer pipe combined with the plastic press fittings form a clean and corrosion-resistant system.


Henco goes Stainless

Do you live in a region where water hardness affects brass wire fittings? Even then you have come to the right place at Henco. After all, Henco has a unique range of stainless steel taps and threaded fittings with stainless steel inserts that can handle all water hardnesses.