With the HencoBox, Henco offers a solution to a well-known problem for plumbers: when connecting to the water, they have to look for small parts such as fittings, screws and all kinds of tools, sort them and get them ready for use. A time-consuming job that Henco makes more efficient thanks to the HencoBox. The HencoBoxes are pre-assembled and contain all the necessary connections at the right height and with the correct centre distances for an easy and quick connection to the piping system, including effective insulation and optionally a pre-assembled drain pipe connection!

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With the HencoBox you can save up to 50% of the normal installation time.

The mounting boxes are equipped with our PVDF or brass press fittings (depending on the version) and with the Henco composite pipe. The HencoBox thus complies with all valid certificates for drinking water applications. The HencoBoxes are equipped with pre-assembled connections for easy installation on the piping system. Thanks to the use of high-quality 2-component PUR, the boxes are very stable and provide effective sound and heat insulation as well as protection against condensation! The practical HencoBox is available in different variants: for washbasins, sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc.

HencoBox operating conditions



+25°C 16 bar
+50°C 13 bar
+70°C 10 bar
Temperature -30°C - +70°C


Profile construction
The HencoBox simplifies installation in profile construction, timber frame construction, metal stud walls and ensures a firm and very accurate installation of bath and shower fittings, angle valves, etc.

Installation in the wall
Installation walls are exposed to temperature fluctuations due to the hot and cold water connections. The HencoBox compresses the temperature fluctuations and can be installed quickly and solidly. Thanks to the preassembled system, which is already provided with foam insulation.

The HencoBox is ideal for installation with compact radiators. Thanks to the wall connections, it is not necessary to lay pipes down to the floor, which makes cleaning the floor easier. Temperature differences and flow noise are seamlessly absorbed by the high-quality 2-component PUR box.

Applications: Drinking water, heating

Advantages for you as a customer

  • All necessary connection materials are compactly pre-assembled in the correct connection positions.
  • Quick and easy installation times
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Optimum sound insulation, no condensation Ideal for prefabricated installations
  • Avoidance of material damage on the construction site
  • Fixed installation dimensions
  • Complies with all Henco system certificates
  • Solutions for both sectional and masonry construction