Charter VoKa

Henco granted Voka CSR charter

17 June 2019, Herentals – Corporate social responsibility is a natural, essential aspect of business operations at Henco, a company offering solutions such as underfloor heating. This year, just as last year, we were awarded the Voka CSR charter. Granted on 13 June, this charter is recognition for initiatives implemented last year. It was with great pride that we accepted this charter. In keeping with our core values, we at Henco all work together to achieve the best possible results. Our 300 employees work day and night to produce high-quality products, so it is only natural that we should see this recognition as our crowning achievement.

The 2018 Action Plan

This certificate confirms that we successfully implemented twelve sustainable business initiatives. These include actions to protect the environment, such as the initiative to improve our waste management, which involved labelling all the waste bins and informing all Henco personnel of this change. Now everyone is fully aware of what belongs where, and our company can recycle more effectively. Various initiatives were also introduced in the interest of furthering employee satisfaction.

People & Partnership

Among other things, we conducted a first aid training course to teach our employees how and in which situations they should use an AED. We firmly believe that with this training we have made the workplace yet a bit safer for our employees. Going forward, training of this type will be provided every other year.

Another action point involves more guided tours of the Henco facilities for schools. In this way, our future installers are already engaged and, at the same time, we provide them with didactic material.

A third action point: supervising trainees. This included the hosting of interns, in the Research & Development and Finance departments, who gained experience in the business world. Offering knowledge and experience is also fully in keeping with our vision.