Residential tower Zalmhaven Rotterdam

The building

The Zalmhaven I is the eye-catcher on the Rotterdam skyline. With a height of 215 meters, this is the highest residential tower in the Benelux. The Zalmhaven project contains three towers. The two flanking towers form a visual staircase to the lower 'Scheepvaartkwartier'.

The design of 'De Zalmhaven' includes 452 apartments and penthouses, 33 mansions, a parking garage, offices, commercial spaces, a roof garden and a restaurant with a view of the Maas and the Rotterdam skyline.

Fire safety

Every new building in the Netherlands must meet the (minimum) requirements of the Building Decree. One of the building aspects for which requirements are set in the Building Decree is fire safety. A Fire Safety Master Plan 'Zalmhaven' Rotterdam high-rise has been drawn up for the 'Zalmhaven' to give substance to the fire safety concept.


By using sprinklers, which automatically check a fire, the risks in the event of fire have been made manageable. And that is precisely where the Henco Sprinkler products (multilayer pipe and PVDF press fittings) are ideal.

Sprinkler leidingwerk