Underfloor heating tools

If you are looking for a sustainable heating system that provides a pleasant warmth, underfloor heating is the perfect choice. Underfloor heating eliminates any annoying elements in your home. Every cm² of every room can be used optimally. Also, as opposed to traditional heating elements, dust accumulation is avoided.

Advantages & possibilities of underfloor heating:

  • The ideal combination with energy-efficient heating applications, such as heat pumps and solar water heaters.
  • A significant energy cost reduction compared with other heating systems.
  • No need for radiators, i.e. the maximum available space can be used.
  • Aesthetically displeasing heating elements are a thing of the past: decorate any room to your heart’s content.
  • Hygienic advantage: no dust accumulation, as opposed to conventional heating.
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To facilitate the installation of underfloor heating, we use a decoiler, allowing you to use rolls of 25 to 600 metres.

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Pipe straightener

Our decoiler can be equipped with a pipe straightener, to straighten the pipes when decoiling. The pipe straightener can also be used separately.

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Steel mesh cutter

When using steel meshes for your underfloor heating, this cutter is the ideal tool to cut your meshes to size.

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Tacker machine

  • This machine installs tacker clips over the pipe. Use it to fasten pipes to the insulation.
  • The tacker machine includes a set of tacker clips, so that you can focus on the pipe’s installation
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Braid hook

  • A braid hook allows you to quickly attach the pipe to steel meshes for your underfloor heating. These steel meshes are laid on concrete and are attached to the pipe using a braid hook.
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