The current state of affairs obliges all of us to change our mindset about energy use. Many public places, but also families, have decided to turn down the heat to save money on the energy bill. Saving energy can also be achieved by increasing insulation or installing low temperature heating systems like floor heating in combination with a heat pump.


Every little bit helps. This is also true for saving energy.

The first thing you need to do to live more sustainable, is to add insulation. This is a key factor in cutting heat loss and consequently cutting the cost of the energy bill. Invest in good-quality insulation for your walls, roof and even windows. During this process it's important to not lose sight of the air quality inside the building. Therefore we advice to combine insulating with an adequate and energy efficient ventilation system.

Heat Pump

The days of fossil fuels such as oil and gas are numbered. On the other hand, heating systems powered by electricity, such as is the case with a heat pump are gaining in popularity. If you need to heat a larger space, installing a water heat pump is recommended.

Floor Heating

To heat your home, is to heat water. For central heating, water must be brought to high temperatures. The higher the temperature, the more time and energy it takes. Think of a kettle here: it takes more time and therefore energy to boil water, than it takes to heat water to 30°C.

With an underfloor heating system, the water does not have to be heated to high temperatures to sufficiently heat a space. This is because the surface area that generates heat is many times larger with underfloor heating than with radiator heating. Low-temperature heating systems such as underfloor heating systems save you energy, and therefore money.

We want to help you!

Henco has been making multilayer pipes since 1992. These are flexible so you don't need fittings to create a bend. Not only does this save money and installation time, the limited use of fittings also reduces pressure loss. This also ensures a more efficient use of energy.

Henco not only produces multilayer pipes and fittings. We also specialize in designing underfloor heating systems. Our pipes are 100% oxygen tight and suitable for both traditional underfloor heating systems as well as heat pump driven underfloor heating.

Do you have questions about our underfloor heating systems? Then please contact our Henco Floor department.

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