Sustainability, also our concern

Sustainability is an important concept at Henco. Apart from offering sustainable solutions, such as underfloor heating, we also want to operate sustainably as a company. This implies taking the 3 P’s into account: planet, people and profit.

To us, corporate sustainability means paying attention to these three pillars by taking a variety of actions internally. For instance, it is important to deal sustainably with internal employees, to conduct a correct environmental policy and to use our profits wisely.

Charter VoKa

VoKa’s sustainability charter

Last year we were awarded the VoKa charter for the second year in a row.

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Sustainable development objectives

This year as well we want to make a sustainable impact with our actions. These actions focus on various elements of the sustainability objectives. These objectives have been developed by the United Nations to take on the global challenges facing the world, such as poverty, inequality and climate change. These 17 objectives are all interrelated.

Stay informed about our sustainability actions via this sustainability page.

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Our environmental policy statement