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  • This tool helps you open packing paper readily and safely.
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Bending springs

  • Both internal and external bending springs. Simply slide the spring in or over a straight piece of pipe to bend the pipe, for instance at a 90° angle.
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Bending tool

  • If you want to make really short turns, our bending tools are perfect. These are the advantages:
    • Anodised aluminium in Henco blue.
    • Angle indication engraved in the pipe segment.
    • Handy storage with a snap closure.
    • Correct positioning of the bending arm on the pipe segment thanks to various centre distances left and right.
    • The pipe is easy to clear after bending, thanks to the pipe clip.
    • Guaranteed the shortest possible pipe radius per diameter.
    • Bending range from 0° to 180°.
    • Available in diameters of 16, 20 and 26 mm.
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Guillotine cutter

  • With this cutter you can easily and quickly cut a pipe. The cutter is available for the following pipe sizes:
    • From 14 to 20 mm.
    • From 26 to 40 mm.
Check out our guillotine cutter here
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Pipe cutter

  • With this tool you can easily cut the pipes. It takes a bit longer than cutting the same pipe with a guillotine cutter, but the shape of the pipe is maintained better. This pipe cutter is available in 2 versions:
    • From 14 to 32 mm
    • From 14 to 63 mm
Check out our pipe cutter here
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Pipe straightener

  • Tired of always having to straighten the pipe manually when rolling off the Henco multilayer pipe? Then the 16 mm pipe straightener is the perfect solution! This tool does all the work for you and makes the pipe dead straight.
    • Works fast,
    • Is easy to use,
    • Saves material,
    • Contributes to a more professional finish.
Check out our pipe straightener here
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Pipe holder

  • This handy tool makes it easy to hold even short pieces of pipe, allowing you to better calibrate the pipe. The pipe holder prevents the shorter pieces of pipe from turning in your hand when calibrating.
  • This practical tool can hold pipes of various diameters. For instance, the pipe holder can be used for pipes with a diameter of 16, 20, 26 and 32 mm. The various diameters require only 1 pipe holder. It has grips for all the diameters mentioned.
Check out our pipe holder here
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Calibration tools

  • Even before installing fittings on your pipes, it is important to always calibrate the pipes. Henco offers calibration tools that can be used manually or mounted on a screw drill.
  • Do not underestimate this phase. After having cut the pipe to the correct length with a pipe cutter or guillotine cutter, it is important to make the pipe nice and round and simultaneously debur and chamfer it.
Check out our calibration tools here