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This is permitted at a maximum pressure of 10 bar and ambient temperatures of -10 to +40 °C.

Follow the guidelines prescribed by the manufacturer of each specific machine. An instruction booklet is always supplied with pressing machines or can be consulted on the manufacturer's website.

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The correct concentrations and temperatures for the use of Hadex, Herlisil, and citric acid with Henco pipes can be found in our technical manual.

The maximum permitted operating pressure for our compression and screw fittings is 10 bar.

Please check the table below to determine whether you can safely flush Henco pipes with these solutions. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

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This is permitted in structural concrete, floor screeds, anhydrite floors etc. For more information, please consult our technical manual.

During a short period, it is permitted. Our Henco pipes must not be permanently exposed to sunlight. However, Henco fabricates specific UV- beams for open air applications. Always consult the technical manual.

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The minimum temperature for Henco multilayer pipe and fittings is -20 °C. The minimum temperature for our synthetic pipe is somewhat higher, namely +7 °C.

This is permitted in combination with our Henco multilayer tube for gas and Henco PVDF fittings for gas, both with gas marking. These applications are usually found in your home, on your boat or in your caravan. Consult our technical manual for more information. This application is only permitted in countries where a Henco gas inspection and gas certificate is available.

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