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Charter VoKa

Henco granted Voka CSR charter


Henco obtained for the third time the annual VOKA Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship. Hence we are officially appointed  SDG pioneer. At Henco we take sustainability to the heart. This certificate proves our approach and naturally we’re proud of it.

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DC Foto

Henco is expanding - New distriubtion centre


Henco is expanding. Demolition works have started on Henco 3 since December 2019. This old building is making way for a renewed distribution center.

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Wij bieden u de beste buizen

Factory will be closed in summer


Traditionally, the Henco factory will be closed in summer from 20 July to 9 August.

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Teaserfoto kunstbaan foto 1

Art sustainability


On friday, 21th february of 2020, Henco inaugurated three new art pieces at her site in Herentals. These art pieces are the result of a collaboration between Henco and KunstBaan, a non-profit association. This association uses art as a way to include people with a mental disorder. Under the guidance of Laura Van Winge, our three artists Marcel Gios, Eddy Van Houtven andSonja Meir were able to deliver some nice works. 

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Teaser handen wassen update corona

Update impact of Corona on Henco


The COVID-19 virus is a worldwide plague. Follow here the updates concerning Henco. 

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jouw gezondheid onze prio

Your health, our priority


The Henco system with PE-Xc/AL/PE-Xc pipes and plastic PVDF fittings can be considered the most hygienic piping system for (drinking) water on the market. All of it made in the heart of Europe, made in Belgium, in accordance with the strictest quality standards. Because we realise that water is life, only the best materials will do. We take care of your (drinking) water. We are Henco. WE CARE TO CONNECT.

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M-BMINI3 foto 1

M-BMINI3, an added value for installations


Sophisticated software, a press force of 19 KN, a fast press time of approximate 3 to 4 seconds, could withstand temperatures from -10° C to 40 °C… These are just some of the advantages of our new press machine M-BMINI3. This tool is faster, more innovative and more user-friendly. In short, a true added value for installers.

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griptang foto

In the spotlight: pipe straightener and pipe cutter


Fitters are faced with many challenges, both big and small, on a daily basis. These include uncoiled pipes that are hard to straighten manually, the lack of grip when calibrating short pieces and damage to fittings during rotation… Work like this consumes a lot of time and energy, but our smart tools help you work faster and more efficiently. We present two of them here: the pipe straightener and the pipe cutter.

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PK foto 1

Henco PVDF: power and flexibility


The Henco synthetic press fittings are made from injection-moulded PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride). PVDF is a synthetic with many qualities that has been used in various applications for more than 30 years now. Our PVDF range comprises two series: press synthetic (PK) and press synthetic white (PKW).

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