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M-BMINI3, an added value for installations

Sophisticated software, a press force of 19 KN, a fast press time of approximate 3 to 4 seconds, could withstand temperatures from -10° C to 40 °C… These are just some of the advantages of our new press machine M-BMINI3. This tool is faster, more innovative and more user-friendly. In short, a true added value for installers.

Sophisticated software

This tool is already the third one in its array and knows many advantages. For example, the expanded software located in the press machine. This software registers every pressing sequence and could generate reports. In addition, the software displays when your guarantee period is starting. You will have access to this software through a USB-connection.

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Innovative machine

The compression head of the tool can turn through 360°, which leads to more efficient working of the tool, even in limited working spaces. The re-charge time of the battery of nearly 30 minutes, is an extra advantage for the installer. A compression only takes approximately 3 to 4 seconds. The machine has some LED-indicators that will indicate in which condition the machine is. For example, the lights will demonstrate when the battery of your machine is low, or when a pressing cycle is complete.