Internal bending spring

Internal bending spring

We recommend using a bending spring to make bends in a multilayer pipe. This will prevent kinks in the pipe when bending. That is why the bending spring is placed around the pipe before bending. It is a steel spiral spring; the thin spiral forms allow you to easily make any bends.
For a 90° bend, an elbow fitting is recommended.


Potable water
compressed air


Building Installations
Underfloor heating


Articlenumber Product description LxBxH GTIN
BI-1410 Henco Internal Bending spring 14x2 l=50 505x87x87 05414764045484

Specifications BI-1410

NetWeight 0.1565
BI-1612 Henco Internal Bending spring 16x2 l=50 05414764045507

Specifications BI-1612

NetWeight 0.1935
BI-1612L Henco Internal Bending spring 16x2 l=100 1000x11x11 05414764045521

Specifications BI-1612L

NetWeight 0.408
BI-1814 Henco Internal Bending spring 18x2 l=50 500x12.5x12.5 05414764045545

Specifications BI-1814

NetWeight 0.225
BI-2016 Henco Internal Bending spring 20x2 l=50 500x14.5x14.5 05414764045569

Specifications BI-2016

NetWeight 0.286
BI-2016L Henco Internal Bending spring 20x2 l=100 1000x15x15 05414764045583

Specifications BI-2016L

NetWeight 0.59
BI-2620 Henco Internal Bending spring 26x3 l=100 1000x18x18 05414764045590

Specifications BI-2620

NetWeight 0.4