"Not spectacular, but the truth!" -

Instaler Pro

Every month we ask a Henco installer why they choose for us. Here you can read the first Henco Testimonial by Instaler Pro from Oława in Poland. Instaler Pro installs heating, gas and water supply installations in Lower Silesia. His work can be found on his website or his Instagram..

Waarom werk je met Henco?

I can quickly find the materials in wholesalers like BIMs PLUS, where their headquarters is just around the corner from me. Even during the COVID period there was no scarcity of Henco products, because they are made in Europe. Every Henco product does what it promises. I myself use Henco PVDF Press and Henco Brass Compression.

What are the advantages of working with Henco?

The Henco Brass Screw Fittings have a long screw section which is extremely convenient to work with. The fittings always fit the tubes and the Kalispeed is the best calibrator I have ever had. It is a handy tool that is also very durable. When a fitting is not pressed, it can quickly and easily release pressure by blowing into it. Because of the aluminium layer in the tubes, they are very bendable. To make bending even easier, we use a quick-bend tool.

 When I work with Henco products, there are never any problems. In addition, the communication with our local Henco representative is very good, our collaboration goes great and he is even a friend of mine outside of work.