Henco 3 afbraak

New distribution center in the making

Phase 1 completed

In the meantime, the new distribution center is gradually starting to look like a usable building. Phase 1 was completed on August 20. The entire building is equipped with underfloor heating, of course completely drawn and conceived by our own Henco Floor department.
We are fully preparing for the next phase, which is the further finishing of the inside of the building.

The first column of the new Henco Industries distribution center to be built in Herentals has been completed! The project is being built by a construction team of Marckx Architecten and ASK Romein.

ASK Romein is building a 13,500m² distribution center on the existing company site for Henco Industries. It is a hybrid construction, in other words a building constructed of steel and concrete. In the original tender, only steel construction was mentioned, but in order to fully optimize the building, ASK Romein, together with Marckx Architects, proposed to opt for a hybrid construction.

Prosperous industry

Henco is a growing and is a prosperous company. This new distribution center will therefore create new opportunities for the labor market. Sustainability is a very important aspect within Henco. It is therefore not surprising that in addition to investing in manpower, we also invests in green energy, such as solar panels, a heat pump and underfloor heating.

Opting for hybrid provides additional benefits

ASK Romein resolutely chooses to look at the total concept of a building, and not just at its own steel production. Given the height, hybrid was a better choice for this construction, and working with concrete columns was also more interesting to increase the distance between the columns.

Successful cooperation

The collaboration between client Henco on the one hand and construction team Marckx Architecten & ASK Romein on the other hand runs in a very good atmosphere. We are already looking forward to the finished result together!

Demolition of Henco 3 started in December 2019. This old building will be replaced by a renovated distribution center. The new distribution center will have a total surface area of 13,056 m² with storage space of up to 12,150 m².
Groundworks will follow after the demolition work, so that the foundation can be built in the first quarter of 2020. If everything goes according to plan , the completion of the building is scheduled for the summer of 2020. After that, work on equipment and interior decoration begins.