Henco Combi RIXc (Coil)

Henco Combi RIXc (Coil)

The Henco Combi® consists of two Henco multilayer pipes, both equipped with a protective pipe. The two protective pipes are locally connected to each other, allowing you to roll off two pipes in a single motion.  The locally perforated connections ensure that the two pipes can be easily separated. A red marking on one of the corrugated pipes indicates the supply pipe.


Potable water
compressed air


Building Installations


Articlenumber Product description LxBxH GTIN
50-COMBI16R Henco RIXc Ø16x2 combi 2x50m 05414764034907

Specifications 50-COMBI16R

Material inner layer Plastic
Material intermediate layer Aluminium
Outer pipe diameter 16 mm
Wall thickness 2 mm
Max. operating pressure 10 bar
Expansion coefficient 0.03 mm/(m.K)
Min. medium temperature (continuous) -10 °C
Max. medium temperature (momentarily) 95 °C
NetWeight 0.315
MaximumOperatingPressureLiquid 10