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Why choose our systems?

Henco’s water piping systems offer a comprehensive solution, allowing installers to implement the perfect installation at all times when constructing and remodelling various facilities. Discover some other advantages here:

  • Easy to install
  • Sustainable and hygienic 
  • High quality
  • Corrosion-proof
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Heating with Henco products

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Henco’s products can be used for virtually any heating method. Boilers, heat pumps, etc. are easily connected, via a manifold or otherwise, with radiators, convectors or other heating elements. Of course, next to heating, refrigeration is also a possibility, e.g. by means of ice water machines.

The most sustainable heating method is underfloor heating. As the word suggests, the floor will provide heating. Hot water flows through the pipes, embedded in the floor. In turn, the pipes transmit heat to the floor that subsequently gives off heat to the surrounding area.

In addition, underfloor heating works with low supply temperatures. The water flowing from the heat source towards the underfloor heating pipes is not warmer than 40°C, helping you save energy, from the heat source onwards.