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M-BMINI3 tool


A lightweight and handy machine to press diameters 14 to 32 mm, with a pressing force of 19 kN, a LED indicator, comprehensive software to read out the machine yourself… these are some of the characteristics of the M-BMINI3 press machine. A quick, innovative and user-friendly tool. In short, a real asset for installers.

Foto M-BA03


This press machine has a linear drive of 32 kN and can press Henco fittings up to a diameter of 63 mm. The machine has a 350° range and an automatic return. It is also lighter than other similar machines, can illuminate the work area and has a LED indicator to show the machine’s performance.

Handpersmachine fittingen Henco

Manual press machines

Henco has two types of manual press machines with interchangeable inserts. One that can press 16 and 20 mm and one that can press diameters 16, 20 and 26 mm. They are operated manually, using manpower.

Press checker: voldoende geperst?

Press check

Twist this handy tool around your own pressing and check whether the pressing was properly executed. This tool allows you to checking pressings with diameters of 14 mm through 32 mm. It is also a handy tool to check whether your press machine and/or press jaws still function properly.

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Drilly tool Henco


This tool with venting possibility is placed in the pipe to check installations for any leaks. It is reusable. The Drilly is not meant to be permanently installed. 

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Foto afdrukplug


Like the Drilly, this reusable test plug is placed on the pipe, allowing you to check the tightness of the piping system.

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Super sizes toolset

Toolset Super sizes

With this complete tool set you can install Super Sizes with diameters 75 and 90 mm. The tool set includes a work table, press jaws, inlays and a cutter with a deburring tool.

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PK-tools Henco

PK wrenches

With this wrench you can install Henco’s threaded fittings even faster:

  • Lightweight ratchet wrench
  • Full grip around the fitting contour
  • Plastic fitting stays intact, even when applying extreme torque
  • Works in clockwise as well as counterclockwise direction
  • Maximum force transmission
  • Size indication of the fitting on the handle
  • Chromed steel handle
  • Gripping jaws made from anodised aluminium
  • The positioning of the jaws allows you to grip already installed fittings (around the pipe, without having to cut)
  • Available in three sizes and optionally with a handy storage case
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