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Condensation can cause quite a bit of damage in a building. Therefore, when determining the pipework, it is important to know whether there is a risk of condensation forming. Henco has designed a simple calculation tool to find this out.

Condensation tool

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Henco Ecoline is an innovative installation concept where the return pipe of the water pipe is situated in the supply pipe. This not only saves a lot of installation material and time, the return water also arrives back at the heat source considerably warmer, making Ecoline an energy-efficient solution as well. With the Ecoline tool, one can calculate the pressure loss of the installation as well as the required power of the circulation pump.

Eco-Line Tool

People often measure the comfort in a building by the indoor temperature. Therefore it is important to know if enough heat is generated and if too much heat is not lost. Henco has developed a handy tool to calculate heat loss.

Heat loss/gain tool

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Multilayer tubes expand due to temperature changes. It is important to anticipate this with sliding point and fixed point brackets. When the pipe changes direction, bending legs should be used. The calculation tool for bending legs allows the length of the bending legs to be determined.

Calculation Tool Bending Legs