Calculate the length of the expansion bends

It is very important that sliding points and fixed points are positioned correctly when you use expansion bends and expansion loops. After all, you install an expansion bend whenever the pipe changes direction. We recommend always using fittings in your installation. This is even obligatory for pipes with a diameter of 32 mm or larger.

When a long pipe does not change direction, you should use an expansion loop. In principle, this is formed by 2 expansion bends. A fixed point is typically provided in the centre of these expansion bends.

  • L     =  length of the pipe 
  • Lb   =  length of the expansion bend
  • ΔL   =  change in length
  • F    =  fixed point
  • GL  =  sliding point
  • Expansion bend for L (Lb)
  • Length of the pipe (in m)
  • Temperature differences

 Lb = C x √(D x ΔL) 

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