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Brass press fittings

The brass press fittings are made from a CW617N alloy and equipped with stainless press sleeves. In addition, they are equipped with an barrier ring preventing direct galvanic contact between the aluminium of the pipe and the brass of the fitting. They include the leak-before-press technology.

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These press fittings are made from a CW617N alloy. The sleeves are made from stainless steel. Apart from this assortment, our range also includes other alloys, specifically for certain countries. Some characteristics of these fittings are:

  • Equipped with LBP: this technology immediately signals leaks if the fitting was not pressed during its installation.
  • Problem solvers: this assortment includes fittings that allow unique transitions, such as a direct connection between Henco pipes and copper pipes.
  • Important! Unlike synthetic fittings, the bodies of the brass fittings must be wrapped with protective tape when embedded in floors or integrated in walls.
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Brass press fittings can also be used for gas applications, in countries where the necessary certificates are available. In that case, the fittings always have a yellow marking on the press sleeve.

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