Henco Ecoline is an innovative installation concept where the return pipe of the water pipe is situated in the supply pipe. Not only does this save a lot of installation material and time, the return water is also returned to the heat source considerably warmer, making Ecoline an energy-efficient solution as well. The Ecoline tool can be used to calculate the pressure loss of the system and the required capacity of the circulation pump. For this purpose, the applicable values must be entered in the red fields. When these are filled in, click on the Calculate button and you will obtain the pressure loss and the required power of the circulation pump. Furthermore, with the Ecoline tool you can obtain a material list for the installation. To do so, click on the Material List button.

Before using the Ecoline tool, we recommend to read the manual of the tool. This manual explains the links between the parameters and the pressure loss, and also provides tips on how to reduce the pressure loss. To continue, please enter your e-mail address below.

Ecoline Tool

Edit the values in the red fields and click on the calculate button.
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