Condensation can cause quite a bit of damage in a building. Therefore, when determining the pipework, it is important to know whether there is a risk of condensation forming. Henco has designed a simple calculation tool to find this out. Please fill in the requested data below. Then fill in your e-mail address and press the Send button. You will immediately see whether condensation formation is to be expected. This result will also be sent to your mailbox so that you can consult the result at a later time. In case of condensation formation, it is recommended to adjust the values in the fields and the installation itself to avoid condensation formation.

Condensation tool

Calculations are made based on ISO 12241:1998, for horizontal or vertical pipes inside a building (laminar free convection).
Outer layer of the insulation has high emmisivity = 0.90
Always take into account a large safety margin as practical circumstances may deviate from calculation assumptions.