Arian Sanitair
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Arian Sanitair

We asked Arian from Arian Sanitair his experience with Henco. Arian Sanitair is an installer from Wilrijk in Antwerp with experience in the field of sanitary, central heating, ventilation and heat pumps. You can find his work on his Instagram.

Why do you work with Henco?

I work with Henco because for me Henco is a synonym for quality. A few years ago I was invited on a factory visit to the factory in Herentals. During the factory visit we followed the production of the tubes. The very strict requirements and standards of the production ensure that the quality of the products is impeccable!

What are the advantages of Henco?

Working with Henco products is working in an easy way. They are designed to be user-friendly and therefore easy to use.

Arian Sanitair jasje

Qualiteit hat sein preis

I would definitely recommend other installers to use Henco. It is already said among installers that Henco products are the best pipes, but of course you have to pay a bit more for them. As the Germans say: Qualiteit hat sein preis.


Henco-factory visit

Would you like to take a look behind the scenes at Henco? Then get in touch with your representative!

What does a Henco factory visit look like?
Your visit starts at Henco 1. Here your representative will give you an explanation about Henco and you will receive product training. You then dive into the factory. We will provide you with fluorescent vests and appropriate footwear, so that you can follow Henco's safety instructions. After your visit to the factory, you will go to Henco 3, our new distribution centre.

A break with sandwiches and soft drinks is provided at each factory visit. For visitors coming from further afield, a package with hotel and restaurant can be arranged. Please contact your representative!