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Our Henco press fittings

Henco has everything you need to make quick and reliable connections: press fittings, push fittings, compression fittings… Discover our comprehensive range here! PVDF provides users with a wide range of properties:

  • Highly resistant to pressure and temperature.
  • Excellent mechanical strength.
  • Extreme flexibility: bending up to 10° is possible. 
  • Perfectly suited for drinking water and food.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion.
  • Embedding is possible without extra protection.

    Press fittings

    PVDF press fittings in combination with multilayer pipes: a fully corrosion-proof system. The synthetic press fittings are injection-moulded from PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) and are available in both black (PK) and white (PKW). The fittings come standard with leak detection (LBP = leak before press).

    Check out our Henco press fittings here

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    Gas fittings

    Like the Henco multilayer pipe and the Henco protective pipes, it is also allowed to use the Henco press fittings for gas applications, in countries where certificates are available. The fitting has a yellow marking. Henco is the only manufacturer with a GASTEC QA label on synthetic PVDF press fittings.

    View our certificates here
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    Super Sizes

    The Super Size range includes the Henco multilayer pipe and Henco fittings with diameters of 75-90, with reducers to diameters of 32-40-50-63. The connectors ensure a complete multilayer pipe system with numerous variations for headers and risers. The many combination possibilities and the new revolutionary connection technology make this modular system extremely flexible.

    Like all Henco press fittings, the Super Size fittings come with leak detection and are made from high-performance synthetic PVDF. These properties make the Henco Super Size fittings suited for different applications, such as drinking water installations, heating installations and installations in the chemical and food industries.

    Modular system:

    • Different bodies, allowing different connections to be mounted, such as reductions, threaded pieces…
    • Reduction possible up to a diameter of 32 mm
    • Super Size system branches can be created. Smaller diameters are made in no time.
    • Tool set for the pressing of Super Sizes: pressing table with pipe cutter, milling cutter and jaws with a diameter of 75 and 90 mm.
    Read more about our Super Sizes here
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    This solution minimises the difference in water temperature between supply and return. The circulation pipe is integrated in the main pipe. This solution, based on the Henco Super Sizes, makes a separate return pipe superfluous. Consequently, this means that the solution:

    • Saves costs and space;
    • Is easy to install;
    • Minimises heat loss;
    • Is energy-efficient.
    Read more about our Ecoline here.